Registration > Create an account / Register


Step 1. Login to the website

All participants must have an account on the meeting website. If you have one already, just move to Step 2.

Go to the "Registration / Registration" page and click on "I do not have an account". You will have to fill out a form with all your information, and to choose a username and password.

Please carefully keep the username and password created when connecting to the website. You will need it to register and access a secure payment link, and to submit an abstract.

Step 2. Register to the meeting

Go to the "Registration / Registration" page and click on "I already have an account". A detailed form is ready to be completed with your information. In addition, you can register to associate an accompanying person with your account. You will receive an email confirmation of registration, as well as a payment request email.

Step 3. Confirm your registration

After receiving the payment request, log in to the website and go to "My Space". In "My registration" you will find a form offering online payment by credit card (secure transfer).

We will send you a confirmation when the payment is effective.


If you have any question, we will be happy to help you:


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