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9th Meeting on Hot Subdwarfs and Related Objects

This meeting is the 9th edition of a series of biennal conferences started in 2003. These conferences provide experts from around the world the opportunity to regularly discuss results and thoughts relative to hot subdwarf stars and other related objects. The main topics discussed are

  • Progenitors, progenies, origin and evolution of hot subdwarf stars : standard and alternative pathways
  • Hot subdwarfs in the field, clusters, and galaxies
  • Impact of large surveys and hot subdwarf population studies
  • Atmospheric properties of hot subdwarf stars
  • Hot subdwarfs in binary systems
  • Pulsating hot subdwarfs and asteroseismology
  • Hot subdwarfs as laboratories for stellar physics : convection, diffusion, atomic data, tides, mergers, common envelopes
  • Links to extremely low mass white dwarfs and other related objects

The conference is organised by the Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP) and will take place from June 23 – 28 at Azureva Hendaye, near Biarritz, France.


Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Stéphane Charpinet (IRAP, Toulouse, France) (chair)
  • Uli Heber (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
  • Stefan Geier (University of Postdam, Germany)
  • Marilyn Latour (University of Göttingen, Germany)
  • Maja Vuckovic (University of Valparaiso, Chile)
  • Valérie Van Grootel (University of Liège, Belgium)
  • Suzanna Randall (ESO Garching, Germany)
  • Simon Jeffery (Armagh Observatory, UK)
  • Philip Podsialowski (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Warren Brown (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, USA)
  • Annalisa Calamida (Space Telescope Science Institute, USA)
  • Andy Baran (Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland)
  • Zhanwen Han (Yunnan Observatory, China)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Stéphane Charpinet (IRAP, Toulouse, France) (Chair)
  • Dolores Granat (IRAP, Toulouse, France)
  • Noemi Giammichele (IRAP, Toulouse, France)
  • Jérôme Ballot (IRAP, Toulouse, France)
  • Alain Hui Bon Hoa (IRAP, Toulouse, France)
  • Sébastien Deheuvels (IRAP, Toulouse, France)
  • Gérard Vauclair (IRAP, Toulouse, France)



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April, 15th 

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May, 15th 





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